Within the writing page, you will find ideas and websites for creating better writers in your classroom.  You will find ideas for portfolios, open-response, and writing workshop ideas.  Please share your ideas here.


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    Jennifer Bailey said,

    Last year Jackie and I worked to create a blog for our students to use. This year we find that we are having the students use it more. The students love that they can get on and answer questions. We use this in all subject areas as well as writing. Our most recent technology advance has been to have the students listen to a podcast and then complete the activity related to it by making a podcast. We are starting out by having them work in small groups, but are working towards individual responses by the end of the year. If you are interested in seeing this you can check out the blog at http://jackieowens.edublogs.org

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    dianaljackson said,

    Jennifer/ Jackie,
    I loved your blog. I love the way you’re using podcasts. Do you use Audacity to record your voice? Great use of technology!!! You’re both wonderful teachers.

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    Monica said,

    Can you include some links or information on the way you are implementing writer’s workshop in your classroom. I was looking through some of the ‘published’ works in the hallway and am very impressed at how your students are really engaged in the work they are doing. Looking ahead to next year, if I were to be self-contained again, I will really want to implement writer’s workshop with my students.

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    Diana Jackson said,

    I would love to!!! We usually have a mini lesson every other day. After the mini lesson, I allow my students to write (free choice). I have my classroom arranged in pods so that I can meet with two pods per day (for conferencing). I usually go over grammar errors, etc and then they publish their book (placing date stamp on the book and putting it in the hallway). They also have a writing folder in their desk for unfinished (or non-conference work). We also have an author’s chair where students read one book to the class (once per week/ draw ticket from cup). I also have a gallery night for parents where students show off their books. As discussed in Katie’s previous workshop, I allow them to have freedom to write. Some days, I allow students to work together (focusing in author/ illustrator). They really enjoy the writing process and it allows more time for small group conferencing. It also allows you to have more choices for portfolios.

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