Reading is the foundation for all learning.  It should be one of the most important subject areas.  Within the reading page, you’ll find ideas and helpful websites concerning the five elements for reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency.  You will also find ideas for sight word practice.  Please share your ideas here.


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    Jamie Crouse said,

    Having our small groups for reading should be a benefit to our students and help us as instructors identify specific areas of concerns. The Reading First material that is being utilized appears to be helping as it targets the elements individually and has tools that can be implemented relatively simply. Jamie

  2. 2

    Diana Jackson said, is a wonderful sight for phonics/ reading practice.

  3. 3

    Jennifer Bailey said,

    One of my favorite websites for kids to get reading practice is The students like it as well. Over the past few years I have noticed some growth in students who have utilized this sight.

  4. 4

    Irene Stamper said,

    This is a great website for Smartboard activities.

  5. 5

    Diana Jackson said,

    Guided Reading Groups-
    After numerous weeks of struggling during my 90 minute guided reading instruction, I finally figured out a strategy that works. The first 30 minutes is spent on guided reading groups. Each pod will read their book and complete an activity. During that 30 minutes, I will meet with each group for 15 minutes (keeping in mind I have a certified teacher in my room for one hour…she will also take two groups). The next 30 minutes is spent in centers based on Reading First activities (each student has a folder with activities based on his/ her needs). The last 30 minutes is spent on whole group instruction. So far this has worked out great! Just thought I’d share what’s working for me this year.

  6. 6

    Elizabeth Smith said,

    I recently found Cando’s Help ( It has mostly phonics activities and printouts, but also covers structural analysis, vocabulary, and comprehension.

  7. 7

    Elizabeth Smith said,

    This year, I’ve frequently used for some great vocabulary lessons based on popular children’s books. It also has activities for phonological awareness/phonics, comprehension, fluency, and writing.

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