Within the math page, you will find ideas for math procedures, games, and helpful websites.  Please share your ideas here.


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    Amy Howard said,

    I did a fun activity in my methods course. We used hershy bars to do fractions. We used the blocks on them to break up in different fractions. Then we got to eat them. Something fun!

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    Angie said,

    I also have done the Hershey fractions. It leaves a tasty memory!

    I have also had the students use Skittles or M&Ms to reinforce graphing skills. They each get an individual pack of candy that they first must sort by color. I have them create a line plot or a t-chart and then they turn that data into a bar, line, or pictograph. They, too, get to eat the candy when finished.

    I have also done something similar to teach probability.

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    Diana Jackson said,

    If you have an Airliner in the room (or Smartboard), Elizabeth Smith is a genius when it comes to games. She has passed along numerous games pertaining to Everyday Math. She’s is a wonderful resource tool for Camargo. I’m sure she wouldn’t care to share her ideas.

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    Dana Tackett said,

    One thing that I use in Math is the “Twizzlers Pull-n-Peel Math” book by Jerry Pallotta. It is an excellent book filled with Geometry. I buy the pull-n-peel twizzlers and have students to model different shapes, line segments, triangles, and etc… with them. The book is a wonderful resource and the students love working hands-on with manipulatives that they can eat after the activity! (I always have the students to use hand sanitizer before they begin to model with the twizzlers or any food used as a manipulative.)

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