Holiday Fun

We all have fun holiday ideas that we’re just waiting to share.  Last year, Teresa showed me a wonderful idea of making Rudolph’s with candy canes.  My kids loved the activity!  Please share your holiday ideas and websites here.  Let’s shine this holiday season!


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    Barbara Cox said,


    Color wreath and place students picture in the middle. We have them laminated so they can hang them on their Christmas tree.

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    amj4ever said,

    I found a site that has a Christmas card exchange. I think that the students would really enjoy it. The link is as follows: . You might get a different country or can choose not to if you wish. They can be done by email or snail mail. You have three options to choose from when you sign up.

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    Teresa said,

    One activity that I always enjoy making with my students at Christmas is Cinnamon Ornaments. It is very simple and cheap! The only materials needed are cinnamon, applesauce and cookie cutters. Simply mix equal parts of cinnamon and applesauce together. If the dough appears to be too wet just add a bit more cinnamon. Roll the dough out just like cookie dough and use cookie cutters to cut out your ornaments. You will need to use something to cut out a hole at the top so the ornament can hang on the tree. I find that a straw works very well. Leave the ornaments out to dry overnight. Once they have dried they are ready to hang on the tree. The children really love this activity and it makes your room smell wonderful!

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    Angie said,


    One of my favorite holiday activities is to read The Mitten by Jan Brett to the students. Afterwards, they decorate a felt mitten using glitter, buttons, ribbon and more. I punch a hole in the top and tie a ribbon so that it can be hung on the tree. It adds a personal touch to any tree. My daughter and I make one each year for our own tree depicting who we are at that moment. Lots of fun!

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