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Many times, we have neat classroom management ideas that help us stay more organized and under control.  However, the same routine does not always follow through the same.  Within this page, please list any classroom management ideas you may have (i.e. ticket system, color system, etc).  You may also list helpful ideas for organizing materials.  Please post your ideas and websites here.  THANKS!


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    dianaljackson said,

    Diana’s Idea-
    I used the ticket system for the past 3 1/2 years. It really works well and one would be surprised with what students will do for a simple ticket. This year, I pull a ticket from the cup on Friday. This student will have a homework free week for the following week. They will also receive one sweet treat. It works very well in the hallway also.

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    Mindy said,

    I’ve heard about one school doing something that is so simple but it really motivates the students. The students straighten the room every evening before they leave, if they do a good job, the custodians will leave a “good” note for them on the board. If they don’t clean or clean well, they get no note. The students look forward to reading the notes each morning. If they do not get a note, they look around to see who “messed up” and try to find out why they did not get one.

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    Diana Jackson said,

    This is a great site for classroom homepages. Scholastic offers easy/ user friendly formats that can be updated frequently. GREAT SITE!

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    Amy Howard said,

    I used a plan in my fifth grade student teaching class. Each table competed each week to win tickets. They got to decorate boxes or any kind of container and put in the middle of their table. Everytime the table was exhibiting appropriate behavior I would drop a ticket. We made expectations and rules together before we started hung them up. At the end of the week I counted the tickets and the table that won would have a treat Monday morning wating for them. Sometimes I would even decorate the table with balloons. Seemed to help because they were so competitive.

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    dianaljackson said,

    Great ideas! I love the custodian idea…that wouldn’t be hard to do. Imagene would love that! Amy…I might try your idea. My students are organized in pods…that would work out great (and save me time). Right now, I’m giving out tickets and drawing on Monday. This would create more teamwork (effort on their part). Great suggestions ladies! Thank you!

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    Angie Blanton said,

    This year I have focused on the terms positive choice and negative choice. My students sometimes do not realize that they have a CHOICE for the behaviors they exhibit. While teaching and practicing the rules and procedures we talked about the choices we have…whether or not to do what is expected. As we learned the procedures and rules for each area of the school we made a t-chart depicting the positive choices and negative choices that could be made in that setting. For instance, in the hallway…hands to our side, facing forward, with 0 voice level were positive choices. On the other hand, running and talking in the hallway were considered negative choices.

    I created posters depicting the terms positive and negative choice to serve as a visual reminder for students. As a daily behavior management system, the students have magnets with their names that they put under positive choice as they come to class. They know that choosing to come to school and be on time for classes is a POSITIVE CHOICE. If they make the choice to not follow rules or procedures they move their magnet to negative choice. They can move it back when they can SHOW they are making positive choices again. If their magnet has not been moved back before time to leave my class there are various consequences.

    Using these terms has made a great impact with my students. I have students who put their head to the floor when I say, “was that a positive choice?”

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    Laura Miller said,

    I use a similar method to tickets, but I use beads instead. My behavior chart is a “chicka chicka boom boom” tree. Each student has a clothespin. Their clip begins on the leaves of the tree. If they misbehave, they “fall” off the tree and land on the trunk and receive consequences (Warning, -5 minutes recess, etc.).

    What really motivates them though is the opportunity to move up HIGHER on the tree. If I catch them being good, they get to move thier clip to the highest spot on the tree (a monkey that is hanging from a branch). This is a BIG deal in my classroom (to have your clip on the monkey). I often hear the kids bragging to each other and saying, “Guess where my clip is? I’m on the monkey!!”.

    Like Angie mentioned, if a student “turns their day around” and begins making positive choices, I move their clip back up on the tree. For example, if they are on the trunk of the tree, but show me that they have chosen to follow the rules, I move them back to the leaves. They know that even if they make a wrong choice, they can always fix it by choosing to make positive choices instead.

    At the end of the day, the students whose clips are on the monkey get to pick out a special bead for their behavior bracelet. I usually have theme beads (right now we are using Christmas beads with Santa Claus, stockings, etc.). The other students who are on warning or above also get a bead, but it is just a plain bead. Not nearly as exciting as getting a special bead.

    The beads really motivate the students to make positive choices. When they have 10 beads on their bracelet they get to wear it home and they also get a treat from the treasure box.
    They LOVE to their bracelets to their parents.

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    Jamie Crouse said,

    Oh, a big YES for making students aware that they have choices! Also, they are the ones that are responsible for having consequences. Not “my teacher made me miss recess”

    I have noticed that many teachers reward their students by letting them eat lunch with them. How wonderful! No cost, no trinkets, etc. I would like to use more of those type of rewards and get away from the “things” for rewards.

    I have been in Mrs. Jackson’s room everyday. The children respect her and want to please her. I love it when she says,”Mrs. Jackson is …” The students will beam when she tells them she is happy but if she is dissappointed you can watch them scramble to get done what must be done!

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