Camargo Elementary~ Together We Grow!

Hello Camargo Teachers,

I am asking for a huge favor that will benefit our entire school. I’ve created “The Education Box” for Camargo teachers in order for us to collaborate and share ideas.  This blog will provide teachers from kindergarten through second grade (Intermediate grades see Monica Spencer), neat teaching ideas and interesting websites.  I would really appreciate your assistance with this project.  I’m asking everyone K-2 to add ideas and links periodically.  If everyone could contribute at least twice (more if possible) before Christmas break, that would be great.  When adding to a category, simply find the category, find the post, and make a comment. This is a tool that I hope everyone will be able to use through out the school year.  I’ve placed more information on blogging and information about the site in your mailbox.  I would love for this to be a workable project that we can all learn from.  Please do not hesitate to collaborate and share ideas. I think we will find this very helpful. Remember, this is for ALL of us.  If we share ideas, we’re truly working together (which makes the best learning environment for our students).  I greatly appreciate your dedication to Camargo and your enthusiasm to help a fellow co-worker.  I hope you enjoy the “Education Box”. 


Mrs. Jackson



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